A Look Inside the Data: Irrigated Crops Statistical Information

Today’s blog features a small table from Report on Irrigation Districts in California for the Year 1941. The table provides statistical information and a summary of irrigated crops in 1941 California.

The Table

Summary of Irrigated Crops, 1941 from Report on irrigation districts in California for the year 1941, page 27.

I included an in-text table to the blog. There is value in small data presented among text not included in the end matter. The table shows clear data on the number of crops grown in California, and the percentages add up nicely. The most irrigated crops in California are alfalfa and Ladino Clover. The latter crop is a grass grown specifically to feed livestock. Cotton, rice, avocados, and nuts are all show in relation to how much space it takes to grow and irrigate the crops.

There is a more detailed table on page 34-35 of the report, but the lay out of the table is difficult to read.

Table II from Report on irrigation districts in California for the year 1941, page 34.

This table is much more detailed, but it is laid out alphabetically by California district. This is why I prefer the smaller and more succinct table.


The simplicity with which major crops are laid out here provides the reader with a clear idea of the diversity of agriculture in California. Agriculture has obviously only grown in California since 1941, but this report is a useful tool for anyone researching irrigation and crops in midcentury California.